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As a medium, lecturer, teacher and bestselling author, Patrick Mathews has helped countless people around the world with his gift of communicating with those who have crossed over to the other side.  His acute heightened level of connection with spirit, along with his personality and heartfelt compassion, makes him one of the most sought after mediums today.



People from every walk of life including celebrities, parents, athletes and more call upon Patrick to speak to their loved ones in spirit. He transforms lives by confirming the existence of an afterlife and showing how relationships continue with those in spirit.



Patrick has appeared on many national and international television shows.  Patrick has also been heard on many top radio shows around the country including appearing numerous times on air with Ryan Seacrest. 


His bestselling books have helped countless people around the world to understand and to recognize their own continuing connections with loved ones in spirit.  They have been published in numerous languages around the world.


Patrick and his sister, Author Kathy Mathews also enjoy giving lectures, workshops and demonstrations of his gift throughout the country and online.  These events have a profound impact on those who attend.

Besides being busy with his public engagements, Patrick is currently working alongside Kathy on several new television projects as well as producing live content on Facebook.

Patrick is also currently working on his next book.


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