Kathy Mathews is a recognized authority on Spirituality, the Paranormal and the Afterlife.  She has participated in and studied many of the readings given by her brother medium Patrick Mathews.  With her research alongside paranormal investigations, Kathy has gained vast knowledge and insight on these subjects, and has impacted the lives of many through public speaking engagements, radio and television.


Kathy has a straightforward approach when it comes to speaking about the Other Side.  She helps those in grief by demonstrating the importance of their continuous relationship and connections they have with loved ones in spirit and helps them on their path to healing.  Her lectures being not only very informative, but are also laced with humor as well.


"I find it a rewarding experience when I am able to help people who are overtaken with grief, come to the realization that the bond between themselves and a love one in spirit never ends."


Kathy has been interviewed on many television and radio shows as well as being featured in numerous magazine and newspaper articles. She is also a published photographer.


Besides being busy with her public engagements, Kathy is also currently working alongside Patrick on several new television projects as well as both just finished penning their book together "Everlasting Love" which is now available.



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