In this amazing 45 MINUTE MOTIVATIONAL AND HEALING PHONE or ZOOM SESSION, you will have unprecedented personal access to BOTH Medium Patrick Mathews and Author/Afterlife Speaker Kathy Mathews, ALONG WITH YOUR LOVED ONES IN SPIRIT, as they all personally guide you, giving you the foundation you need to help overcome any barriers or grief you may be experiencing in your life! 

You will learn techniques that will enhance your MIND, BODY & SOUL!



-Patrick opens an amazing conversation between you and your loved ones in spirit by connecting SPECIFICALLY with who you want to speak with!


-Kathy shares her gift of Intuitiveness to help you through challenges or hurdles you may be experiencing.


-Patrick & Kathy will help address any grief issues you may be experiencing and give you the tools you need to use to bring more happiness into your life.

-Hear Insights on your career, future and love life.


-You also receive the benefit of decades of connection with spirit from Patrick and Kathy, and can discuss subjects that few but they can answer about the after life.


-Worksheet created by Patrick and Kathy that will help you to focus on the challenges you would like to overcome.



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45 min Insights Phone or Zoom Session Price



Appointment now can be divided up to FOUR convenient monthly payments using our new FLEX PAY option upon request!

*You will only be contacted if a session is available.



"Dear Patrick and Kathy,


I wanted to thank you both for the amazing insights session that I had with you  Through reading all of your books and the sessions that I have had with Patrick and Kathy has helped me realize how much alive she is and how much apart of my life she will always be. Your books and the sessions with you literally saved my life. This has been such an amazing spiritual, emotional and comforting experience that words cannot adequately describe. Through my sessions with you I feel so much better and excited about the future!"

Ben S.



"Hi Patrick and Kathy, I hope this email finds you both doing well!

Since we last spoke my life has dramatically changed for the better.  I thank you so very much for providing me the opportunity to move on and realize that when someone passes, it is not the end of that special bond. I have encouraged many people that are experiencing the pain of losing someone that they love to reach out to you!

Wishing you all the best and thank you so very much for helping me and others.  God bless the both of you!"

Karen E.