Does Patrick Mathews still give private readings?
     Yes, Patrick does give personal one on one readings by phone when time permits.

Would I actually get to speak with Patrick Mathews.
      Yes!  Patrick gives all readings himself.

How will I know that it is my loved ones Patrick is connecting with?
      Keep in mind that your loved ones in spirit are strangers to Patrick and he wouldn't know anything about them.  During
      your reading, they will communicate information and confirmations which would be meaningful to you.  Patrick does ask
      them to give him specifics and they do.

What kinds of things will they say?
      Your loved ones in spirit will tell Patrick specific things about themselves, you, and what they have observed since their
      passing.  Every reading he gives is different, but all consist of many messages which are truly meaningful.   

Can I ask them questions during my reading?
       You certainly may.  You might even be surprised how many of your questions are answered during your session, before
       they are even asked.

Can our loved ones in spirit tell me about my future?
       Yes.  They can help in guiding you to a certain direction you should go, but you always have the choice of what happens
       in your life.

Would they tell me if something bad is about to happen?
       We are on this Earth for our souls to grow, which is accomplished by learning from different situations we encounter in life.
       If a loved one in spirit would prevent certain events (good or bad) from taking place, they would be taking away our
       opportunity for growth.  

Can Patrick speak with children who have passed?
       Yes.  The passing of a child would be the hardest thing a parent would ever have to go through. Infants, stillborns, and
       miscarried children all go to Heaven.  A child will come to Patrick in the way the parent would remember them, but they do
       mature spiritually.

How do I purchase tickets to one of Patrick Mathews and Kathy Mathews events?
     All event information is found on any of the live event page.   

I am attending one of the live events, is there a dress code?
     There is no dress code for any of the live events.  It is advised to wear something warm and comfortable as
     the location will be cool.

How do I schedule my own personal reading?
       Please go the "Personal Readings" page for information.

Can Patrick contact my loved ones if I email him with my questions.
        Patrick does not give readings by email.  All personal sessions are by phone with appointments only.